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Let Us Produce Your Innovative Programs: We Have The Experience

Our customers are successful in a number of electronic industries and primarily in quality-intensive and "niche" markets, such as medical and diagnostic, RFID and communication, equipment, consumer, power devices, data communication and storage.

The following is a representative selection of programs that our team brought to the market for our customers. These are "products with a difference" and which "make a difference" in their sectors.

This durable, easy-to-use unit is designed for critical patient care by healthcare professionals who require hospital-grade quality in non-hospital settings.

During the SARS epidemic there was urgency for inexpensive, non-hospital testing for the virus around the world. We stepped-up to the challenge and delivered. (place cursor over image)

Being able to watch horse racing simulcasts and precise horse positions from “on” or “off” site has become easier. Fans can now follow their horse throughout the entire race with the help of this unique tracking device.

More accurate and immediate than GPS, this innovative system uses proprietary wireless transmission tags fitted into horses’ saddlecloth during live racing. How did our teams work together to get this product "on-track"? (place cursor over image)

The global economic prosperity and our nation's welfare depend on unimpeded ocean-trade. One of our Fortune 100 customers relies on our quality manufacturing and engineering support to introduce a state of the art Navigation "command & control" unit currently installed on container ships crossing the high seas.

Our teams have reasons to be proud for being associated with this program (place cursor over image)

Information is Power and this innovative RFID unit makes it possible to relay useful information wirelessly and in "real-time".

With wide range of applications, today, this device is used to facilitate Networking, Event Management, Interactive Education and to assess productivity in participating shows and trade events. What credit do we take? (place cursor over image)