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For Turnkey or Consignment & For Box Build Programs ...We Can Be Your Reliable Partner
Our integrated manufacturing and product development model, with a focus on small and medium size OEMs, brings together Box-Build capabilities, PCB Assembly and mechanical services (plastic injection molding, sheet metal fabrication) and engineering under "one roof". An "all inclusive" local partner, shortening the "time-to-market" and lowering costs for electromechanical programs.

There is no need for multiple suppliers and for "offshoring". We can make them here in New England.

Box-Build & PCB Assembly -Turnkey or Consignment
  • Capacity for low to medium production runs and quick-turn prototypes. ESD compliant.
  • Equipment with capacity reaching 75,000 components per hour, including 10 mil. pitch package placement, ball-grid array (BGA) and in-placement component testing of resistors, capacitors and transistors.
  • High performance real-time X-ray inspection system, specific for multi-layer, assembled printed circuit boards, with dense metal BGAs. Meet recommended lead-free inspection requirements.
  • Comply with requirements of the RoHS Directive.
  • MPM semi-automatic laser screen printing with precise trapezoidal apertures.
  • Automated axial / dip insertion lines.
  • Semi-automatic thru-hole lines.
  • Full system integration programs.

  • Cable and Harness Assembly.